a   Holly Mt. kailash Yatra
Mount Kailash, the holiest of all the holy mountains, the spiritual junction for both the Hindus and Buddhists, is situated in the western part of Tibet. The pilgrimage tour to Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar is a journey into a remote and secluded land where one seems to leave behind one's material attachments as they travel towards the holy lake. On this Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage tours and treks, we take scenic drive onto the lush vegetation of conifer, rhododendron and oak trees via the semi deserted windswept landscape to the highest plateau in the world. You can see the numbers of isolated villages, nomads' tents with flocks of sheep, domesticated mountain goats and yaks grazing at the vast field. Lake Mansarovar, an expanse of sparkling blue water sprawling over several miles, believed to be the seat of Brahma (the Creator of Universe) and the snow capped Mount Kailash is considered as the abode of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. The entire Kailash circuit trek is the holiest of all the Hindu's and Buddhist pilgrimages.
Thousand of Sage, ordinary mortals, philosophers & even the Gods had submerged into blissful trance at the very sight of this divine grandeur. It is the MERU, SUMARU, SUSHUMNA, HEMADRI(Golden Mountain), RATNASANU(Jewel Peaks), KARNIKACHALA(Lotus Mountain), AMARADRI, DEVA PARVATHA(Summit of Gods), GANA PARVATH, RAJATADRI(Silver Mountain). It was the SYAMBHU the self created one . Kailash & Manasoravar are as old as the creation. Every things emanates from there & finally returns there. It is the centre of creation & universe.It is the abode of LORD SHIVA & his divine concert PARVATI. It expounds of PURUSHA & PRAKRITI, SHIVA & SHAKTI. The radiant SILVER summit is the throne of TRUITH, WISDOM & BLISS-SACHIDANANDAM. Primordial sound OM (Nanabindu) from the tinkling anklet of LALITA PRAKRITI created the visible patterns of the universe & the VIBRATIONS (DHVANI) from the feet of SHIVA (Natraja) weaved the essence of ATMAN-the ultimate truth. South face of Kailash is described as Saphire, East the crystal, West as Ruby and the north as Gold. Every object in this area is sanctified & each one is related to gripping legends. As one ascend through parikarma(circuit) one encounter holly peaks of MT. KAILASH , RAVANA PARVAT HANUMAN PARVAT, PADMASAMBHAVA, MANJUSHRI, VAJRADHARA, AVALOKITESWARA, JAMBEYANG,SHAVARI, NORSENG ETC. The learned address five of them as PANCHABUDDHA .The track takes one through DIRAPHUK, SHIVASTHAL & finally to DOLMA-LA passes (the highest point). This pass belongs to DEVI PARVATI & is an important place of worship. One can have the best view of Mt. Kailash , Manasoravar, Mt Gulra MANDHATA and another popular lake as known as RAVANA TAL( demon lake) during the parikarma. RAVAN is said to have prayed at his lake (Ravan Lake) and had audience with Shiva. Manasoravar was created by Brahma at the request of great Rishi. This mind born lake contains the essence of all the VEDAS. This is the place for holly Ceremonial bath: oblation to the ancestors is offered here. Both the Lakes are full of Swans.
The scriptures reiterate that those , who take the holy dip at holy lake Manasoravar and carry out the Parikarma(circuit) around holy Mt. Kailash are absolved of their Sins through generation and is absorbed into the supreme Finality. To him there is no REBIRTH, SORROWS or JOYS: he is becomes the SHIVA. SHIVOHAM, SHIVOHAM. This is also one of the most important pilgrim centre for the Buddhists. They worship SEMCHOOK (Buddha in fierceful from) seated on the Summit of MT. Kailash. It is also called DHARMAPALA. ONE version quotes the deity as from of SHIVA`S Manifestation. The description of the deity is more or les like Shiva. Devi is also given a similar from like Parvati. They adore Kailash as KANG RINPOCHE AND Lake Manasoravar as TSO MAPHAM. Guru Rinpoche (The great Indian Master PADMASAMBHAVA who introduce Buddhism) and Saint Milerapa are greatly revered here by pilgrim. Since TANTRISM runs through the main core of Buddhism here, their customs and practices would be found running close and parallel to Hindu traditions. Like the Indian , they also consider DLMA(DEVI) and GAURI KUND ( THUKI ZINGBU) AS holiest spot. Buddhist strongly believe that pilgrimage to this place liberates them to NIRVANA. The Jains acknowledge Kailash as ASTAPADA and PASMA HRADA. It is believed that ADINATH RISHABHDEVA, the first Tirtnankara attained NIRVANA here. A few claim that GURU NANAK mediated here. A Kailash Mansarovar region is the origin of Indus, Satluj, Karnali and Brahamputra River
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